100% Whole Milled Carob Flour


Gluten-free, without added preservatives, improvers, or

⇒ In packaging that opens and closes safely.

“Because health and taste go together..”

You can make whatever you like with carob flour, enjoying its wonderful chocolate taste and the beneficial properties of carob.

  • Knead your homemade carob bread, using the recipe you have and following, replacing 1⁄4 of the flour in the recipe with carob flour. Just like that!
  • Make chocolate chip cookies by replacing the flour in the recipe with carob flour. You will love them!
  • Sprinkle your creams, sweets, cakes, or rice pudding with carob flour and elevate their taste!
  • Put a teaspoon of carob flour in your milk and make it instantly chocolatey!
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