All information related to users sensitive personal data details such as: (name, e-mail address, home address, fixed telephone, mobile phone, etc.), are considered confidential and are protected by the regulation of the relevant EUROPEAN legislation concerning the safeguarding of personal data, as defined in the articles : (2472/1997, 4139/2013 , 679/2016 , 680/2016), as well as, from the Personal Data Protection Authority,(4624/2019 – GOVERNMENT GAZETTE : A'137/ 29.08.2019).

Users when providing their information in the context of their communication with our company, consent and accept the forthcoming processing of these personal data, for the needs of smooth and easy communication/transaction, between the parties concerned.

For the personal data protection of our customers, It is ensured that only authorized employees of our company have access to this sensitive private information and only whenever is necessary, e. g.

For the completing of the relevant transaction & contact forms, relative to processing the relevant customer's requests, for the occasional announcements of offers and discounts, for updates related to new products and their respective prices, for the occasional CONTESTS through “Facebook", where we provide free products to all successful winner candidates, without any lottery procedures, as well as, for invitations to trade fairs, where our company: Α & Ω KIVOTOS participates.

Our Company undertakes the responsibility not to disclose any personal details of its customers unless it has a respective written authorization from them, or this is imposed by court order, or by a decree of public authority.

At any time, the customer has always the right to declare us in writing, for the complete deletion of his personal details, from the databases of our files where they are kept privately.