FAQs about Carob Syrup from "Α & Ω Kivotos"

What is Carob Syrup?

The Carob Syrup is the syrup-extract produced after the suitable treatment of locust beans. Specific knowledge is needed for the preparation of Carob Syrup and it is not enough to boil carobs, as many erroneously believe.

What does the Carob Syrup contain?

The CAROB SYRUP has particular nutritional value because it is rich in calcium, (3 times more than milk !), contains vitamins (A, C, E, B1, B2, B3), metal traces, (potassium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium) and amino acids.

Does the Carob Syrup contain any preservatives?

Carob Syrup does not contain any preservatives. There is no need for any preservatives to be added to Carob Syrup because is self-preserved. In fact, the CAROB SYRUP is used as a natural preservative, for various foods!

How does it help me concerning the intestines?

It is rich in Organic Fibres, which are essential for the normal and smooth functioning of the intestine. The systematic consumption of Carob Syrup reduces the risk of bowels diseases and disorders such as dysentery, haemorrhoids, as well as, reduces bowel irritation. It helps effectively in the normal functioning of the digestive system and greatly reduces the swelling in the abdomen.

In What other health problems can Carob Syrup assist me?

As it is rich in calcium, it helps those who need calcium such as women who are in menopause, women during breastfeeding, women who have osteoporosis, children in growth, and those who are deficient in calcium. The Grains of Carob Syrup have galactomannans, which benefit and protect against chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, also prevents the absorption of the non-nutrients substances from our body. It contributes to the treatment of asthma and generally to lung disorders. But also alleviates throat pain, cough, diarrhea, and the common cold. It helps effectively and softens the above symptoms, (for this reason, pharmaceutical companies use it for the manufacturing of expectorant medicines). It also helps those who want to lose weight, because it prevents superfluous fluids retention in the body.

It's sweet - How it can help me to reduce my sugar levels in the blood?

Carob Syrup taste is indeed sweet, as the Carob Syrup contains natural sugars, but this should not lead you to the wrong conclusions. The galactomannans contained in locust bean seeds, reduce cholesterol levels and allow for more effective regulation of blood glucose and insulin levels. Also due to the organic fibers, it contains, it has the property of delaying the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, thus limiting the blood glucose levels.

I have cholesterol. Can I consume Carob Syrup?

The consumption of Carob Syrup helps to lower cholesterol and to reduce the bad cholesterol LDL, (Mainly through its organic fibers).

Can I have the energy I need every day with carob honey without resorting to vitamins?

Indeed, with regular consumption of the CAROB SYRUP, you will have the necessary energy to cope with your daily routine, while at the same time providing your body with protection from chronic diseases, (sugar, cardiovascular, high cholesterol). Carvin is a high concentration of protein, contained in the carob beans, which provides the body with plenty of energy. Thus, many athletes consume the combination of Aloe Vera with Carob Syrup, because of their demanding dietary needs. Combine Aloe Vera with the Carob Syrup and you will have an ideal organic nutritional supplement that will support your body and mind as well as, will shield your entire body in the most natural way.

How do I use it?

For an excellent dietary supplement, drink the CAROB SYRUP along with Aloe Vera, three times a day, (20 ml of Aloe Vera with one tablespoon of CAROB SYRUP each time). Additionally, with your breakfast, put on your plate a tablespoon of CAROB SYRUP and a spoonful of olive oil and dip in the “mix". You can just spread it on the bread. In your coffee, instead of sugar, you can add CAROB SYRUP and enjoy a deliciously flavored coffee. You can make a cool drink by dissolving CAROB SYRUP with cold water. You can use it as syrup in yogurt, in ice cream, and to all of your sweets, (donuts, pancakes, cakes, etc.). You can use it in cooking (for sweet and sour flavors) and in pastry, by replacing sugar or chocolate in your recipe, (for example, in cakes and truffles). If you are interested in cooking, we recommend the following products containing CAROB SYRUP: Balsamic vinegar with CAROB SYRUP (for your salad), CAROB SYRUP cream with balsamic vinegar, (a great accompaniment to all your dishes containing meat). They all combine delicious taste with healthy nutrition. In this respect, you are avoiding to consume the chemically and artificially produced «Dressings & Sauces»!

Can I give it to my children?

Of course, you can give safely CAROB SYRUP to your children, regardless of age (even if they are young). Because of the calcium, vitamins, and minerals it contains, it is ideal for children, as it helps during the development of bones and teeth, also for the proper functioning of the digestive and nervous system and for the smooth functioning of the heart and lungs. For the cold and the cough of the children, it helps a lot in expectoration and relieving the symptoms. Elder people remember well, that they use CAROB SYRUP effectively in children who suffered from bronchitis or whooping cough. In addition, children need nutritional food – such as CAROB SYRUP – that gives their body energy without excess fat. Furthermore, CAROB SYRUP helps children obtain proper eating habits. Think that, CAROB SYRUP can replace chocolate while it contains 50 times less fat! It does not contain any oxalic acid (such as in chocolates), which prevents the absorption of calcium from the body.

Can my elderly parents drink Carob Syrup?

Elderly people need food that nourishes them properly and without burdening the body with unnecessary fats, cholesterol, and calories. Carob Syrup is ideal for elderly people, but also for people of all ages.

I am intolerant to gluten. Can I drink it?

Of course, you can drink it, because the CAROB SYRUP does NOT contain any gluten. Therefore, it is recommended to consume it by those suffering from celiac disease (gluten intolerance). Because celiac disease is an autoimmune disease, we recommend that you drink Aloe Vera with CAROB SYRUP together for optimum effects. Aloe Vera is proven to help immune diseases (so-called autoimmune diseases) and Carob Syrup will assist with the smooth functioning of your digestive system and intestine.

I am allergic. Will Carob Syrup deteriorate me?

Not at all, you will not have any problem because Carob Syrup does not contain any allergens.

I do homeopathy. Can I drink Carob Syrup?

Yes, you can drink Carob Syrup because does NOT contain any caffeine.

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