Drinkable biological Aloe Vera from "Α & Ω Kivotos"

Is your Aloe Vera Biological?

Our Aloe is Biological-organic, as we use only organic Aloe from certified farmers to produce it.

Is your Aloe certified?

The factory (Α & Ω Kivotos), in which our Aloe is produced and packaged, fulfills all the hygiene requirements and has all the necessary (ISO) certifications for all the products produced there. They are organic and produced according to the strictest regulatory specifications.

Which Aloe varieties does your company use?

The variety we use for drinking consumption is only the: “Aloe – Barbadensis Miller", or Aloe Vera as is commonly known. We use this variety specifically because distinguishes from all other varieties of Aloe, as it contains the most active and valuable organic substances for the human body.

Why is your Aloe better than the others?

We cannot talk about what Aloes the other firms are producing, nor do we judge their work. We know for ourselves that we use high quality organic Aloe Vera and for the production of this drinkable Aloe, we use the mildest forms of processing to avoid damaging any of the valuable ingredients of our product. Our work is always done in collaboration with chemists and nutritionists who are monitoring and controlling constantly the whole production process. So, the product that we offer is a superior product in quality, which preserves ALL the valuable organic ingredients of our Aloe. This is confirmed by the strict chemical analyzes we make after each part of our production and before our product reaches safely to consumers.

Are you using preservatives in your Aloe?

We are NOT using any chemical preservatives. Within our Aloe, we put natural and organically preservatives equal to the amount that we can give a little extra life to our product; otherwise it could not reach to our consumers unspoiled. These organic preservatives do not cause any harm to the body. Furthermore, we try to put as less as possible of them so that our Aloe is to the greatest extent “pure organic Aloe".

I am allergic, can I drink Aloe?

If you are allergic to species of the «Genus Alliums», i.e. onion, garlic, etc. No! You cannot drink Aloe, because Aloe also belongs to that family: “LILIUM – LILY OF THE DESERT". But if your allergies concern other than Alliums derived reasoning, you can drink Aloe without fear and will greatly help you alleviate those allergic symptoms.

Why should I take Aloe and not a vitamin or dietary supplement from all that widely is marketed?

Most (if not all) commercially available supplements, are manufactured by chemical processes and are based on a chemical and not physical substances. They may also contain, basically harmful flavors to improve their taste and aroma in order to be easily consumed.(Who can claim that has been achieved equal positive results by processing a natural orange fruit in a pill and furthermore to an effervescent pill?) So why not to trust the nature and trust a chemistry lab?

We want to make a child. Can we drink Aloe?

Aloe Vera Increases Fertility and Balances Hormones. The woman before conception can drink Aloe. However, it takes a lot of attention, when she conceives, (or if she suspects that she's pregnant), she SHOULD IMMEDIATELY STOP of drinking Aloe. (Certainly, there are not any restrictions for the men). Also, those women who are breastfeeding should NOT use Aloe Vera. Of course, when the pregnancy and nursing phase is completed, the woman may start drinking Aloe regularly.

I have kidney transplant. Can I drink aloe?

NO! You can NOT drink Aloe. Aloe is forbidden to be consumed by people who have done any kind of transplantation.

I have blades in my body after surgery. Is there any problem of drinking aloe?

There is not any problem in this case. Blades are foreign bodies but are not living (human) tissues. So in this condition, you can safely drink aloe.

How aloe is aiding the immune system?

Aloe Vera directly acts on the body's defense cells, activates them, and at the same time protects them from aggressive viruses, that threaten to eliminate them. Activation of defensive cells is what we call strengthening of the immune system.

What do you mean, when you say it detoxifies the body?

When we say detoxification, actually we mean that aloe, anything that finds in our body harmful, dangerous or unnecessary, tries to eliminate and expel it. Is activated within all of our organs and gradually cleans the whole body. Some of its best known benefits include: supporting healthy digestion, enhancing antioxidant support, supporting a healthy immune system, reducing harmful toxins, increasing nutrient absorption, as well as alleviating occasional muscle and joint discomfort.

What does Aloe contain and is it nutritious?

Amino acids, minerals, trace elements and enzymes contained in Aloe Vera are absolutely essential to feed our body and stay balanced. Their lack causes multiple problems in the body.

What I will feel, if I use Aloe Vera?

After a few days of regular use, you will feel more energy, your overall body will be healthier and your mood will be much better. Furthermore, the feeling of fatigue will be less intense, you will sleep better and virtually you will feel the positive results of wellbeing.

I get pills for Diabetes. Is it permitted to drink Aloe Vera?

Of course, you can drink Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera improves pancreatic function (the organ responsible for insulin the production), reduces glucose levels in diabetes, and is most likely the need to gradually reduce insulin doses of your medication. Your doctor must be aware that you are drinking Aloe, and you should not at any circumstance cease your medication.

I get various medications. Might they contradicting it with Aloe Vera?

It is true that Aloe improves its action and does NOT interact with most of them. However, caution should be taken when someone is taking diuretics and anticoagulants containing hydrocortisone and dioxin substances. In any case, those patients, if they want to drink aloe, should advise their doctor respectively.

“For example, those taking the drug SINTROM, due to the specificity of this drug, should ask their doctor before starting to drink aloe regularly."

So, Aloe Vera is considered as medicine?

Aloe Vera is not a medicine in the sense that it will act against a particular virus. What Aloe makes the difference, is that it activates the immunity system of our body itself concerning the defensive cells, in order to deal with the potential dangers such as viruses, bacteria or microbes.

I have tried before Aloe products but I haven't felt any significant difference. Why to try again?

Aloe Vera benefits a person's body in an apparent way but also in a “secret" way, that is, internally. Certainly, a prerequisite for this to happen is the EXCELLENT QUALITY OF ORGANIC ALOE VERA. Even if someone does not see any impressive overt results, his body has benefited as a whole on a long-term basis. In this conclusion, (that they did not see a significant difference) might usually come people who drink aloe, occasionally rather than regularly-systematically.

Will I lose weight if I drink Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera contains ingredients (e.g. lignin) that help regulate metabolism and enzymes (e.g. lipase, amylase) that help fission of food in order to be easily digestible. All those substances are helping someone who wants to lose weight. Additionally, a personal effort required from everyone, since aloe by itself cannot make you lose weight. However, there are experiences of people who have been greatly helped by Aloe Vera, in their effort to lose weight.

How Much Aloe Can I Drink?

Generally, for adults (weighing approximately 60-90 kg), an amount of 60 ml per day is enough to help. Of course, if someone wants to drink more, it is permitted, but «all things with moderation». It is best to drink 3 times a day, from 20 ml of aloe at a time.

Can I drink Aloe less than 60 ml per day?

No one can forbid you to drink less Aloe Vera. However, consider for example the medicines prescribed by a doctor: Doses are adapted according to weight, in this respect an adult takes higher dose than a child. Therefore less dosage of Aloe Vera, means simply less positive results, as well as, the expected positive results will come much delayed.

For how long must I drink Aloe Vera?

There is not a specific strict duration that everyone should drink Aloe Vera. Surely someone with health problems will need to drink Aloe Vera regularly, 3 times a day for a long time. Generally speaking, for health problems that have arisen over time, ample time is also needed to restore the whole body. Even if a problem is quickly improved, it does not mean that someone has to stop drinking Aloe Vera. In such cases, the optimum is to drink less Aloe Vera (e.g. once a day from 20 ml), but we do not recommend to cease drinking Aloe Vera completely. Besides, Aloe Vera helps our body in what is called prevention, so why to stop drinking? In general, we have to understand that we can and should drink Aloe Vera, in small quantities constantly.

I can’t remember to drink Aloe Vera 3 times per day. Can I drink 2 times?

You can drink 2 times per day, in this respect it is advisable to drink more Aloe Vera each time (ie. 30 ml), and in order the total dosage per day must remain at 60 ml.

Is it permitted to drink Aloe Vera before meals?

It does not matter. We recommend that the stomach is left empty for about half an hour after drinking Aloe Vera, in order to obtain a better absorption of Aloe Vera from the body. But if someone is unable to comply, might have the meal soon afterwards.

Can my child drink Aloe Vera?

If your child is less than 9 years old, it is suggested not to give him Aloe Vera, because it is a growing body and there is not any proofed relevant research on how Aloe Vera affects young children. Concerning older children, they can drink aloe, but not the amount, that an adult gets because the child's weight is much smaller. One teaspoon of Aloe Vera once a day is enough to meet the needs of a young child.

I do not like the Aloe Vera flavor. What can I add to make it easier to drink?

The most ideal thing is to drink Aloe Vera with CAROB SYRUP. Except that its taste is very nice, you will at the same time achieve to get an excellent natural nutritional supplement that will detoxify and strengthen you at the same time. If for some reason you do not want to drink it with CAROB SYRUP, you can mix it with the juice of your choice and drink it, by avoiding juices containing large quantities of citric acid, such as e.g. citrus fruits because they are acidic and do not allow the absorption of the valuable ingredients of aloe!

Aloe Vera contains sugars. This means that I will be obese?

On the contrary, Aloe Vera improves metabolism and elevates energy levels. Besides, the sugars contained within Aloe Vera are natural organic substances that boost the immune system, improve digestive and circulatory system and are not substances that stored in the body (such as fat).

I have cardiac problem. Will Aloe Vera help me?

Aloe Vera will help because it contains minerals such as, (phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, potassium, sodium etc.) that help the heart to function well.

I have high cholesterol. Can Aloe Vera help me reduce it?

Aloe Vera can certainly help someone with high cholesterol. The natural organic fatty acids and steroids it contains significantly help in reducing bad cholesterol and keeping it at low levels. Also, Aloe Vera enzymes help remove triglycerides from the blood, (usually those who have high cholesterol have also high triglycerides).

I have a problem with my intestine and my stomach. Will Aloe Vera help me?

Aloe Vera detoxifies the whole body and this action starts at first from our bowels, by expelling the useless and harmful substances from our body, (this is why, at the beginning when we start drinking Aloe Vera, we have more frequent visits to the toilet). Afterwards, quickly it restores the bowel to smooth operation. As for the stomach, the enzymes contained in Aloe Vera (digestive enzymes) help significantly the good fission of foods and therefore the proper digestion. For even more drastic results, we recommend that you drink Aloe Vera with CAROB SYRUP together. (20 ml Aloe Vera with one tablespoon of CAROB SYRUP, 3 times a day).

I have cancer. If I drink Aloe Vera, I will cure?

Under no circumstances, we can claim that someone will be healed from cancer by the use of drinking Aloe Vera. What a cancer patient will achieve while continuing his medication is to have a strong ally in the battle against cancer cells, by drinking regularly Aloe Vera. Acemannan, (a valuable substance contained in Aloe Vera juice) creates a protective covering tissue around the body's cells and at the same time assists the body's defensive cells to attack more effective against the cancer cells. But other Aloe-containing substances help in these causes. Aloe Vera's Emodine has a proven anti-cancer activity and Lysine prevents metastases of cancer. In addition, the Germanium that Aloe Vera contains, has stimulating action for the production of endorphins, activates the immune system, reconstructs marrowbone, fights toxins, and acts as a purgative agent of the body.

I have an aloe plant in my house, may I drink Aloe Vera form it?

Even if you have an aloe plant at home, you cannot cut the leafs, dissolve and drink Aloe Vera, because there is an appropriate age for the plant, (about three years old or more) during which, the plant will give you all its beneficial substances and besides, one has to know which leaf of the plant to cut off and how to remove the part of the Aloin. Our product contains the traces of “Aloin" within the appropriate beneficial limits! Also, in order for the plant to provide all its valuable ingredients and not to be destroyed, one must know the correct way of processing in order to turn the leaf into a beneficial juice. Violent processes, for example, to put leaf’s gel in the multi – blender of your home, neutralize much of its valuable ingredients.

My bones and my waist pain, will Aloe Vera help me?

Aloe Vera will help you substantially. The Natural Anthraquinones that Aloe Vera contains, have analgesic and anti-arthritic effects and your pain will be reduced because Aloe Vera contains also salicylic acid, (this substance is the key ingredient of the pain-killer medicines).

I have diarrhea. Can I drink Aloe Vera?

If your diarrhea is intense then, is better not to drink Aloe Vera. But once you recover, you can drink Aloe Vera and you will benefit a lot for the smooth bowels function.

What do the fatty acids that Aloe Vera contains?

The organic fatty acids contained in Aloe Vera act primarily against inflammations and help in reducing the bad cholesterol, also they aid for the “lubrication" of the body’s articulations.

What are the anthraquinones?

Anthraquinones are glycol-proteins and act as natural pain-killers and as natural antibiotics for our body. They also seem to have anti-arthritic action, i.e. they help those who have a problem with their arthritis.

What vitamins contain Aloe Vera?

It contains the vitamin B complex: B1, B2, B3 (otherwise niacin), B5, B6, B9 (or folic acid), B12, as well as Vitamin A, C, and E.

I am healthy. What is the reason to drink Aloe Vera?

Even if you are healthy, you will be benefited from drinking Aloe Vera, because Aloe Vera does a great deal of work in preventing serious illnesses, by activating more effectively your immune system. Thus, Aloe Vera aiding the body against potential diseases by creating a “protection shield" for it on a long-term basis!

I have a pacemaker. Is it permitted to drink Aloe Vera?

In this case, you should not take Aloe Vera on your own initiative, without consulting your doctor. Attention! Only your doctor can judge if you can drink Aloe Vera and how much. Having a pacemaker means that you have heart arrhythmias and therefore you get digoxin containing medicines, a substance that needs a lot of caution when combined with Aloe Vera.

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