Who we are

The company“A & Ω" KIVOTOS" was founded in 2016 in Chania Crete with a vision to offer products of high nutritional value, in excellent quality

Respecting human value, the company produces products by traditional methods, without impurities or other chemical processes.

Our mission

The “A & Ω" KIVOTOS supports the work of “Kivotos" in Chania, where homeless people and our fellow human beings are accommodated, helping in the decent living of people who need us.

A large part of the factory's production comes from the crops of aloe and carobs owned by Kivotos in Chania.

At the same time, it supports the primary sector in the region of Apokoronas, as well as in the whole of Crete, utilizing the crops of local growers, who have been certified for organic crops.

Our vision

With faith in the quality of life, we all deserve to have, the “A & Ω" KIVOTOS"continues its work with a commitment to provide each of us with authentic health-promoting products.


Carob syrup

EXPOTROF 2018:# 1 Award for the Most Traditional Method of Preparation


Carob bites with raisins & almonds

EXPOTROF2020: with 2 Stars (**) for its Quality Organoleptic Characteristics

Sticks with carob flour

EXPOTROF 2018: #2 Award for the Most Traditional Method of Preparation